zip version four

In the last few days, I’ve accomplished a solid amount of work. In this blog, I’m going to be posting the plan I’ve created for the trailer, somewhat still in the making. This basic summary down below is meant for a simpler understanding, only the basis for what I plan to create. The link provided goes to my script so far (I’d like it to be noticed my character is named “Ansin Zacry,” a scramble of “insan[e]” and “crazy”).

Zip Trailer Design:

Summary: A man lives alone in his home, suffering from paranoia. One day he receives an anonymous email from a secret society, where he then decides to accept and see what it is. He eventually begins messaging the group, bonding with the other members, until one of them suggests an attack. They meet up, and he murders multiple people, until taken down by the police and arrested. When being questioned, he asks for the identities of his anonymous accomplices. The officer asks, “What accomplices?”

zip script lickity split



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