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The last couple of days I went in-depth into one of the sources, while also browsing some videos online. Here is a list of the notes I compiled:

General info:

  • Late 2000s only around 12 companies created trailers for movies
  • Presently over 100+ companies create
  • Trailers have become more trusted than friends/the media/rotten tomatoes

Editing info:

  • Step one: Create a detailed dialogue and breakdown of the events/footage
    • Label clips with character dialogue and organize most important areas
    • Separate trailer by categories and find film for that
    • The order they exist in trailer is irrelevant


  • Step two: Separate and cut out audio before video
    • Keep in mind the rhythm and concept you are going for
    • Base your audio clips off the emotion you are trying to portray
    • Focus on editorial style rather than the story itself
    • Your audio must flow with the music and sound effects, meaning the video is just an addition to the audio
    • Starting with audio provides flexibility


  • Step three: Tell a story with style
    • Style of trailer is arguably more important than the story/plot itself
    • Avoid constant uninterrupted streams of info
    • Try to follow: Dialogue line — moment — line — moment — line — moment


  • Step four: excite your audience without spoiling the film
    • Nothing should be fully resolved, plot should be left uncertain to leave curiosity
    • Create suspense instead of finishing certain areas
    • Think of trailer as a list of promises:
      • Action: promise they’ll be excited
      • Comedy: promise they’ll laugh
      • Drama: promise they’ll feel emotion
    • For every moment, ask “What is this moment/shot/line promising to the audience?”

Although I’m doing pretty well note-wise, I do seem to be struggling a bit with finding good sources going into genres specifically. I’m also finding difficulty in deciding what genre I would like to pursue for my trailer, considering the many options there are available. For the next focus blocks in class, I’m going to focus on finding topics that relate to a bigger idea compared to my question, due to the lack of information currently. As for my brainstorming problem, I still have plenty of time to decide and consider all the factors.

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