Ecological Footprint

My ecological footprint is 7.05 hectares. To be exact, here are my calculations:

Water: 0.95

Clothing: 1.15

Stuff: 0.40

Shelter: 0.20

Transportation: 1.20

Fun: 1.10

Food: 2.05

I am actually pretty proud of my ecological footprint, in comparison to some other people’s in our class, like Jerome’s (8.35) and Kimi’s (16.45). Yoonha also did pretty well, coming in with a 7.35, but even though we got decent scores, there’s always room for improvement. Analyzing the data collected, I’ve come to the conclusion of my top 10 issues.

  1. Being on a digital device for 1+ hours.
  2. Wasting ¼- of my food.
  3. Showering for 3-6 minutes.
  4. Receiving new clothing.
  5. Wearing ½ of my clothes.
  6. Taking transportation.
  7. Warm/hot water usage.
  8. Garbage (ie. plastic wrapper).
  9. Not composting.
  10. Eating non-local, imported food.

What I’m actually planning to do is something along the lines of this:

  1. Shower for a shorter period of time to reduce water usage and power.
  2. Walk. I walk a good amount currently, but on the occasionally lazy days I’ll bus, which is understandable. Although, just because something is understandable, that doesn’t mean it should be done continuously.
  3. Donate or hand down small or unneeded clothing to my brother or charity. I don’t wear half the clothes I own, so it’d be beneficial to not only others, but me as well, in the organizational aspect and being able to tidy my life up a bit more.
  4. Finish my food. Little food scraps matter, and so if I ever do come across the event of leftover food, rather than letting it rot and waste away, finish it while I’m able to.
  5. Use less garbage. This is self-explanatory, but hard to do. I’ll elaborate during reflection.


Well that was harder than I thought. To be honest, it really wasn’t that bad, because whenever I went through processes that I thought was difficult, there was this constant reminder, “people have it worse” which pushed me to complete my tasks. And actually, finishing food and showering for shorter was really easy. I know that some people can get carried away showering, but to me it was relatively simple, as long as I had the right mindset and remembered to get out quick. When finishing food, at no point in time did I feel like “heck, I’m going to leave this one part of a meal I really liked because I simply can’t be bothered,” allowing me to complete my task and finish my food. Despite the easy jobs, the most difficult action had to be using less garbage. I’ve never actually realized how much waste and garbage I use on a daily basis, from plastic wrapping of food to toilet paper, there are so many things that I’ve overlooked everyday. I faced having to resist temptations to snack because of boredom, memories connected to old clothing, the hot sun cooking me alive while walking home from school, and more. I pushed through it, but almost caved numerous amounts of times. The only reason I was able to persevere, was because of that “people have it worse” outlook. Overall it was a good experience that I’m glad I went through and experienced, and I plan to change my life little by little like this, just in more effective ways that currently.

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