The ups and downs of zip.

Well, if i were to be in middle school, this paragraph would be filled with a bunch of happy, cheesy phrases. However, I am not in middle school, meaning I will release my real thoughts on this independent project we call ZIP.

ZIP so far, has been a rollercoaster. Much like eminent, I thought it was nothing much, until I came upon the realization that there’s a lot of effort and research needed to create a fully functional slam poem, or something close to it. I have learned a lot about english writing strategies, things like onomatopoeia, to how important alliteration is, etc. I’ve gained new note taking skills, and been able to schedule times for meetings depending on my partners time schedule. Slam poetry, is pretty hard to research, considering how most that is given is description of words and story telling. It represents a combination of speeches and poems, and I doubt that many people don’t already have pretty firm grasps on these ideas.

The only real issue I had with ZIP, was figuring out how to present my learning or explain what slam poetry is, without boring the class. Slam poems are usually only allowed 3-4 minutes, meaning that the other 2-6 minutes would be hard to fill up, considering that the whole presentation is mostly about the slam poem. Although, I think I’ve somewhat found a way to change it up and make it less banal (you see that vocab word use).

All in all ZIP’s been a good run, and now its time to start thinking for next year.

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