What makes something slam poetry rather than a speech or a poem?

Alright. I have come to the realization, that HOLY HECK slam poetry takes a WHILE. It takes way more time with two people,¬†adding on to the difficulty in general. Over the course of zip so far, I’ve come up with information and most of my presentation, but I might have to rework my schedule depending on the progress and ability to perform said slam poem. I could rant about my question all day, because of the limitless answers, and all the possible debates and arguments for each answer.

My previous calendar and schedule, I stated that I would finish my presentation and slam poem during the winter break, and I think I can get that done. A slight alteration I might add is finishing the slam poem before January, and continuing to create my presentation afterwards in order the make sure that I’m not letting my partner down in the process. In the end, I’m probably going to change it a lot more then I am right now.

By the end of this, I know that I’ll have an avant-garde presentation and an ostentatious way to perform it. Until then, I’m going to continue to relax and go about my own pace.

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