Over the course of these two ZIP weeks, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on my own capabilities as well as the design and structure of slam poetry. Concepts or ideas that I can definitely work on or improve on a daily basis, is my analysis of situations or events I witness. When researching and jotting down notes, I found that my notes were somewhat vague and if I were to be showing said notes to someone with no experience, then it would be hard to tell EXACTLY what I meant by all that’s written. I listened to slam poetry and read a PDF Mr. Morris had given, writing down notes and attributes I heard or realized that were both from the slam poetry and the PDF. Looking back at it now, it isn’t the most explicit thing. I had nothing but single words written, with occasional thoughts I had in the process of listening.


For my sake, I’m currently rereading my list, and plan to rewrite the whole thing while it’s still sitting fresh in my head. However, this time I’m going to be writing down examples, elaborate on the meanings on said words, and in general make it more “reader friendly.” Not only will this benefit anyone viewing it, but by in a sense, “teaching” or “rewriting” it, it’ll more likely be stuck in my head. With this ability, I can structure my notes to be more neat and understandable, faster to look over, and more efficient in general. It’s a great experience to have for future reference.

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  1. Kevin,

    It sounds like you are doing some deep thinking about the planning necessary to write an effective slam poem. Well done! Can you please share some of your preliminary notes with the class over your blog so that we can see some of the changes you are making over time?

    I look forward to hearing more about your progress in class and beyond this week.

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