Knowing what I know so far, I definitely need to keep in mind not to focus on creating slam poetry, but instead focus on the traits that make it different from other forms of spoken word. I can find all the characteristics and subjects within it, but that would simply be observing and nothing different from the typical school work. Instead, I want to learn HOW the attributes effect the audience differently from speeches, how word choice and grammar choice really make an impact on the spoken word entertainment. Some major points I’d like to remember through the course of ZIP, are to focus on the real question, rather than off topic thoughts on the question, and to remember to present it in an engaging way, not just a bland power point or essay. That the point of this assignment, is to learn and branch off of my current experience, and EXPLORE the WORLD OF POETRY.


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  1. Hellooooo

    Star: Very concise paragraph, covered much in little words

    Question: Define “engaging way”. What do you mean by presenting in an engaging way rather than a bland powerpoint or essay?

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