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What makes something slam poetry rather than a speech or a poem?

My Zip, is based upon slam poetry. I’d like to learn the process in order to create it, how tone of voice or power or anything else play a part into grabbing the audience, and strategies to fully captivate the “vibe” of poem. I want to research how slam poetry differs from speeches or poems, what attributes create the barrier between public speaking and itself. I chose this because I wanted to go more in-depth after watching and listening to certain slam poets in grade eight. I’m extremely excited to be able to analyze them when they cross paths with me.

I currently know essentially nothing, but I’m incredibly motivated to learn about it. I know the basics, and have experience watching and listening to some slam poetry. Who knows, maybe I’ll realize I know a lot along the way.

I’d like to practice my public speaking skills, my poetry skills, detail, description, vividness, etc. All of these stood out to me when thinking about this topic and what is included, and definitely need these strategies to grow my English skills in general. Emotion in writing and speaking is another factor that will be helpful in the future, and I definitely will practice that.

There are not many options for people to mentor me, so I will mainly be focusing on the opinions of peers, family, etc. Some resources include, video presentations, audio presentations, and text.

I’m currently thinking about performing slam poetry live in front of the class, but am probably going to create a video showcasing me creating slam poetry, and then presenting whatever I have. Slam poetry requires an intense topic, intense situation, more sensitive topics, so I doubt I will be performing a legitimate slam poem.


WEEK 1 (Dec 3 – Dec 9):

-Research and take notes about general info and need to knows about slam poetry


WEEK 2 (Dec 10 – Dec 16):

-Complete research at some point, list main factors, begin to create presentation/slam poem.


WEEK 3 (Dec 17- Dec 23):

-Continue poem, allow for edits and/or criticism


Winter break

-finish up presentation and poem


Week 4


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