Eminent Questions | Kevin Gong

  1. My goal was to learn about not only about Bill Watterson’s eminence, but to find out how I relate to him as a person, and the struggles had had to overcome to get to where he is today. I wanted to show whoever I could, that he was not only a cartoonist, but an artist in his own way. That it took time and effort to do what he did, and a lot of commitment. After multiple people conversing with me about his concerns, his passions, his story, I’m glad to say that I definitely accomplished what I was set out to accomplish.
    For improvements, I will need to research a bit beforehand, figuring out whether or not there is a lot of information online about them or not. Bill Watterson, lived a hidden life, away from the public eye, it was almost impossible to get information about him, and IMPOSSIBLE to get an interview.
  1. There is no argument. How could the ten’s speeches not be remembered? The emotion, the power, the fact that I read every single word they said aloud made it so much more important, focusing on every single word as they passed by my eyes. It was incredible to say the least.
  2. I’d like to thank Jerome for lending me his books to showcase off to my audience, and essentially everyone else for contributing to the event. Specifically the teachers, the tens, the MC’s, and the friends who stood up late at night with me doing homework.

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