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DISCLAIMER: This is really long, so I’ve marked the IMPORTANT READS with the little asterisk*

Well, that went by fast. Eminent blasted past this 7 weeks’ time like nothing, and I’m happy and sad to let it go. After all of the different stages and the process we had to go through, I never would have thought that it’d lead to me WANTING to go back.

It was the day of Night of the Notables, and I had already finished my learning centre the night before, meaning I wasn’t part of the frantic procrastination of doing everything the day of. However, it was extremely fun watching people pace back and forth finishing their projects last second. Don’t get me wrong, I was obviously helping people finish, there was just a nice feeling of relaxation that I had. We went through our usual subjects, and when the end of the school day came, heck was it crazy. I was so busy helping out carrying other’s tables, that when it came time for me to grab my table, I was forced to use a hexagonal table since there were no large tables left. I remember watching the tens jump and run throughout the hallways after their speeches, celebrating their accomplishment while also running to their learning centers. In the end, it was an amazing night.

The main object or objects that I wanted to stand out, was specifically the base or the table that all the art and comic strips were showcased. Instead of making the generic billboard or presentation, I wanted to switch it up and present my information in a diverse, more creative format that at the same time related to my eminent person and the design in general. It had the same job, yet influenced and effected the whole look in a different way. I’d like to think that that’s what made my whole learning centre aesthetic.

*I’m sad to say that I didn’t get an interview, but I do have a very real reason. I sent two emails asking for interviews to the only two “Calvin and Hobbes” emails I could send them to, and I had gotten one response. The responder sent me a PDF with the interview answers Bill Watterson answered, and it provided a lot of good information for me. I didn’t get in contact with anyone though, because of how hidden Watterson was from the public eye, and how he wanted to keep his life private. (Proof will be provided if asked (: )

*A couple things that my audience to took away from my learning centre, were that comics have deeper meanings than what’s on the outside, and that you shouldn’t do thing for your money or simply ego. I usually asked the question, “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word comics?” and naturally people responded with funny, entertaining, or something to do with marvel. I then went on about how Watterson put so much time and effort into making his characters original, diverse, and how the plot or art in the comics wasn’t generic or short lived, but a longer, meaningful message or moral was sent to the reader. I gave examples of a couple strips that really embraced how he had to design and plan everything out before hand, and then apply it in such a way that you could sense the different emotions or “shift” in the mood. I explained his merchandising fight, and how he battled something that he had no power in whatsoever. People took away the message that: 1. Money shouldn’t be our primary motivation, and that we should fulfill our goals for our own sake; 2. Comics are an art, and being quick to judge comics as just immature pictures on paper is a bad habit to have; and 3, to fight for what you believe in no matter what the circumstances.

I REALLY loved Deon’s learning centre, because of how well she incorporated the bed into the table, and the whole learning centre represented a single painting. It made me realize that we didn’t need any words at all on our learning centre, and that we would be the ones talking and all we need are visuals to explain. It gave me a whole new outlook on eminent, and I’m glad to say I’m hecking ready for next year. I also liked how Jerome used seeds as display, and showcased them in different containers, drawing attention more into his “experiment” rather than his text.

I know I’m going to regret saying this at one point in time, but I’m set for NOTNv2.

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