Eminent Speech | Story Arc

  1. Exposition

Introduces setting, 1980 on a Sunday morning in his new art studio with his new job. From perspective of pen, describe his actions, throwing away paper after paper, frustration getting the best of him.

  1. Inciting Incident

1985. 5 years later, Watterson publishes first Calvin and Hobbes. From perspective of pen, Watterson comes to his NEW office excited and ecstatic. He begins cartooning almost instantly, and pen describes his movements, his artistic thoughts and deeper meanings. Describes how he spends hours and hours drawing a strip, flowing with his thoughts, etc.

  1. Rising Action 1

6 months later. After Calvin and Hobbes is published, Watterson comes to office flustered, even panicked. Looks through newspapers, reading constant “Calvin and Hobbes Merchandising Denied by Watterson.” Elaborate on why he believes merchandising would devalue his characters and their personalities. Knows that company can fire him on the spot, still proceeds.

  1. Rising Action 2

Next day. Uses pen now, expressing his different emotions throughout pen, his deeper more meaningful thoughts. Creates harder more intense strips, involving different cultures and a different point of view, releases emotions through the pen and paper. Puts away paper about merchandising.

  1. Climax

1991. His position finally wins out, Watterson comes into the office not ecstatic, but relaxed. His cartoons are more laid back, he uses his pencil to bring out the happiness and joy in his art. Looks through his past newspaper strips, chuckling and grinning at every flip.

  1. Falling action

Watterson enforces deeper meaning within newspaper cartoon strips. He continues with his moral, and continues the comic strip, doing only two interviews in his 22 years of cartooning. He finishes Calvin and Hobbes in 1995.

  1. Resolution

Watterson gives us a new outlook on cartooning and newspaper strips. He changed plenty of people’s perspectives on art and how cartoon strips can be whatever they desire to be, not just pictures on paper. Pen perspective, explains lessons learnt over the years, etc. Uses pen for the final Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, a snowy white image with a colourful centerpiece. Time to get exploring.

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